Restore Deleted Video MOV File from your PC

Accidentally got your video MOV file deleted from PC? Looking for MOV recovery, No need to worry? MOV is a well known video file format mostly preferred by digital camera and mobile phones. It provide user a benefit of sharing, recording and storing various files from Internet. Moreover such files can easily be edited or modified. But sometime certain condition arises and all the stored video files get corrupted and user fails to open or play those files.

Many error messages also appears when one of the video file is opened like “ Error-2048: could not open the video file”. Such error messages get displayed due to various corruption issues such as operating system corruption, human errors, human mistake, hardware failure, sudden crash down of the system etc. Such issues finally result in the inaccessibility of the video files. There is also a risk of data getting lost if is transferred from PC to other devices. However inspite of having such problem, lost videos can easily be retrieved if user stores backup of the stored videos files on PC.



Precaution to be taken after data loss

Certain steps should be taken when video Mov files get corrupted from the PC:

  • Shut down the system immediately
  • Stop saving any new file on Mac
  • Do not install any new software

Best Solution: Use MOV Recovery Software

To recover the deleted video MOV files from PC no other option better than a MOV recovery software could help you in a way to retrieve your lost files from PC. Along with retrieving the lost video files it also restores other files such as photos, images, audios etc from computer system. It undergoes advanced scanning algorithm and easily repairs the deleted video MOV files from PC. When scanning and repairing process get overs, it safely restores the files a new location as users suggest.

Important features of MOV recovery software:

  • MOV recovery software safely restores any deleted video files no matter whatever may be the reason behind corruption.
  • It also uses user friendly interface and hence does not require nay experts to complete the recovery process.
  • It undergoes advanced scanning algorithm and safely scan and repair deleted MOV files.
  • When the recovery process get overs it safely restores the file in the user specified location.
  • It also recover 3GP video files.
  • Along with recovering MOV files it also recovers other video file formats such as TIF, JPG,BMP,PSD etc. It easily restores damaged photos of raw file formats such as DCR, CR2,DCR,RAF etc.

User guide: MOV recovery software

MOV recovery software is a well known and all in one solution for recovery of deleted file due to various corruption issues. Follow the steps given below to retrieve your deleted MOV files from PC.

Step 1: Download and install MOV recovery software and immediately start the application. Then connect the media to your PC and click on the scan button from the main interface.


Step 2: Now choose the drive which is to be scanned and click on the start scan option. Then select the Advance Scan option to select the file based on the file types.



Step 3: We will see that all the supported file types get displayed. Choose the file types which is needed to be recovered and then click on the start scan option.



Step 4: The MOV recovery software easily scans the selected media and also provides preview of the recovered files.

Step 5: when scanning process get overs, all the list of files displayed . Then select the file in order to see its preview.



Step 6: Now choose the destination in order to save your file and then click on “OK”. All the files get saved in the selected user location.







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