MOV File Repair Software to Fix Error-2048

Unable to fix “Error-2048? Need MOV video recovery? MOV is a video file format mostly used to store multimedia files. It supports both windows and Mac operating system. It also store various other files such as animation, music, video, video recording etc. However sometimes when sometime try to read MOV file. User also come across various error messages when they try to play the file. One of the common error message is ‘error- 2048’. such error only appears when the video files get corrupted and user become unable to open those files.



Causes of corruption:

Some of the reasons responsible for “Error-2048” are:

  • Virus infection: Severe virus infection is one of the reason which stays behind corruption of MOV video files. It even corrupts the structure of the MOV files.
  • MOV header file corruption: Corruption in header file is also responsible for ‘error-2048’ in video file.
  • Removal of the storage device: Suddenly removing any storage device from the while transferring any files may also result in corruption of MOV video file from the any device.
  • Accidentally formatting the files: Formatting any device accidentally may also damage the already stored files inside it.

Hence if user come across such type of error they should immediately shut down their system and stop saving any new files inside it. They should also stop using the device. Its very important for user to have back up of the stored data. User can easily restore corrupted video files from the stored backup. Otherwise its better to use a better recovery tool.

Best solution: MOV recovery software

Though lots of video recovery software that claims to be effective but all of them may not prove so. MOV recovery software is one of the best video recovery software easily available in the market. It easily help user in getting back those videos which get corrupted by the users somehow. It even retrieves the accidentally deleted videos and photos of the users too. The MOV recovery software undergoes advanced scanning algorithm and along with recovering those damaged photos, you can also restores them at the specified location.

Important features of Mov Recovery Software:

  • It thoroughly scans the entire drive and restores the photos in the user specified location.
  • Along with recovering the lost video files it also restores other files such as audio, movies, songs, audio etc.
  • It also allow user to have preview of the lost media.
  • Besides recovering the video file format it restores other formats such as MPEG, MPG, AVI, MP4 etc.
  • No matter whatever be the reason behind corruption it safely restores the lost media without changing its original content

User Guide: How to Use MOV recovery software:

Step 1: Download and install MOV recovery software and quickly start the MOV video recovery software. Now start scanning the entire drive.

Step 2: Now choose the entire drive.

Step 3: Select the file type.

5Step 4: Now wait till scanning completes.


Step 5: Choose the corrupted media from the preview.



Step 6: Choose the location to repair the file.







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